Go from Chaos to Clarity.

Clarity is key to creating the life you want.

Once you become clear, align with your inner self, know who you are and what you want, wonderful things begin to happen. You attract the right people, circumstances and opportunities into your life.

I’m Lisa Joy Goodman and I know this to be true. I’ve experienced my own life transformation along with guiding and witnessing countless clients on theirs!

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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you worried that if you don’t make a change, you’ll never have the life you want or believe is possible?

Do you feel exhausted, zapped of your precious energy from a never-ending to do list and taking care of everyone else’s needs, while ignoring your own?

Do you know the frustration of saying yes but really meaning no, all because you worry what other people, (your family, neighbors, teachers, co-workers) will think of you? #peoplepleaser #ugh #stop

I know what it’s like to be there, because I’ve been there.

I can help guide you to make choices that are more aligned with your true self, so that you feel energized and not depleted.

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You can create the life you want and know you deserve!

Imagine feeling like a calmer parent able to manage pandemic parenting, a better partner able to enjoy quality time together, and a happier boss, coworker or provider for your clients or customers.

You will:

  • Feel calm and in control when living a more balanced life.
  • Gain more confidence and feel like you can handle the challenges that come your way.
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries by saying no when you want and need to, which means more time for you and your family.
  • Get more of your needs met by asking for what you want, rather than expecting the people around you to read your mind.
  • Learn to recognize your inner wisdom and let it guide you.

Find more joy and ease like you deserve. You can learn these skills.

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Create JOY in your Career, Life and Family.

Three Easy Steps To Work With Me



Schedule a Free Discovery Session

We’ll talk about your life, what challenges you’re currently facing and how coaching tools can help you create more ease and joy. If agreed that coaching is a good fit, you’ll choose your coaching package and schedule your first session.

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Attend Your Initial Session

We’ll chat about and prioritize specific areas you’d like to work on. Create a plan to tackle what’s not working so you can shift those things towards what will work. This will help you learn to trust your inner guidance in taking steps and moving towards your personal goals, creating the kind of life you want.


Begin Living a More Joyful Life

You’ll feel connected to your intuition. This results in more ease with your family, work and self. You’ll have way more confidence in your ability to manage challenges that come your way. You’ll create more and more opportunities for joy by making more aligned choices for yourself and family.

Starting a new business takes so much work and can feel isolating. I wanted to slow down, feel more joy and acknowledge my efforts. Working with Lisa shifted my mindset. I could feel myself changing in a wonderful way that gave me permission to be who I am! It also helped me to celebrate my accomplishments.

Eva T.
Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur

I was feeling really worried about the possibility of some major drama at a very important family event. Lisa helped me to see that I could share my truth, stand in my power and detach from others. I felt much more at peace going and had a wonderful time, which included some special memories.

Stephanie B.
College Professor, Empty Nester

Lisa’s wealth of skills and knowledge helped me tremendously. I gained a lot of clarity and the confidence to make positive changes in my key relationships, which in turn allowed deeper connection and conversations we hadn’t had in years.

Alicea G.
Married, Mompreneur

Remember how it felt as a kid
to run and play in the afternoon sun?

Don’t you want to feel that way again?

We grown-ups don’t have nearly as much fun as we used to. We have more responsibilities, (work, home, family) and so there’s less free time. When we do have time, we’re usually too tired or brain fried to think of anything fun to do. Now, you can pull out this handy list and choose whatever sparks joy. Have some fun chatting about it with family and friends, then add your favorite activities to the list.


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