“When you want something,
all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

– Paulo Coelho

Are you exhausted much of the time?

Feel like crawling into a shell?

Do you feel like you’re always juggling things and can’t catch a break? Kids fighting, dinner’s burning, animals need food and doorbell is ringing. You feel frustrated because nothing is ever going quite right.

I get it. That was me for years. Always trying to balance everything. I worried about doing the right thing for my family, others and my business, (often sacrificing my own peace of mind). I said, “yes” to almost everything. “Sure, I’ll be there and why don’t I cook dinner for all 93 of your party guests? It’s no problem! The “people pleaser” in me was taught to do for others first. And, God forbid I would take care of my own needs, that would be way too selfish.

This left me physically and mentally exhausted. I was in desperate need of a change. My actions did not align with my true desires. I was responding to cultural and family expectations of what I should do, often causing debilitating physical symptoms. Oh, and my inner critic had a field day when I went against my true nature. No. More. Though. It doesn’t have to be like this.

I needed to get away. I thought the perfect solution was a trip to Africa to take pictures of animals. In 2018, I joined Dr. Martha Beck at a coaching retreat in South Africa and was blown away by this other stuff that was happening. I witnessed transformations from her coaching. I wanted to learn the tools and skills to better manage my own life, so I signed up for the next available life coach training. Not only was I guided through it, but now it’s become so powerful to me that I take other people through it.

I wish I had done this twenty years ago. What I discovered was how much I enjoy helping others learn these skills and tools. I am truly dedicated to bringing this to other people so that they are not twenty years from now wishing that they had started way back when.



I help guide my clients to…

Manage career, life or family changes.

Set and enforce healthy boundaries.

Gain more confidence.

Reduce stress or worry.

Connect to their inner wisdom.

Handle difficult situations or people.

Create a life they want and deserve to have.

So many people wish life wasn’t so difficult. You really can create more ease and joy in your life when you’re aligned with your true nature. You’ll learn to recognize and trust your inner wisdom for guidance and therefore build self-confidence.

Imagine the feelings of being a kinder mom to your kids, a better partner, coworker and, provider for your clients/customers (if you own a business).

Create JOY in your Career, Life and Family.

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After graduating at the top of her college class, Lisa spent seven years working for two marketing communications firms. She started her own business as a commercial photographer working with corporate clients such as AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dupont Co. and HP Inc. along with several magazines including Time Inc., Readers Digest and O, The Oprah Magazine. She’s a recent empty nester and lives with her husband and rescue dog. She loves travel, being outside in nature and helping others live their best life.

Lisa Joy Goodman is a trained Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach. Martha Beck is Oprah’s Life Coach and a regular columnist for O Magazine. She has several New York Times bestselling books on the topic of life coaching and has earned three degrees from Harvard. She is, in the words of USA Today, “one of the best-known life coaches in America.”

Martha Beck’s Wayfinder philosophy on coaching differs from others. We believe that each person has their own inner knowing, which you may call intuition. We don’t tell you what you should do; rather we ask powerful questions to help guide you in finding the answers based on your inner wisdom. With effective tools we help you unpeel layers of cultural and societal conditioning so you can be aligned with your true self and create the life you want and deserve. Let’s do this thing!!!



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