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Life can be so overwhelming.

Thrive anyway!

How would you feel if you knew precisely how to access more joy, ease and confidence at life’s most crucial moments?

Can you imagine…

  • being able to move through stress, physical pain, isolation and even impossible family drama into a magical, joyful daily life that is custom-designed for YOU?
  • feeling confident rather than limited?
  • overcoming paralyzing anxiety so that you can show up for your life and loved ones with peace, joy and clarity?

Cultivating a thriving life isn’t easy. But oh, lovely soul, I promise that it is easier than what you’re carrying right now, and it’s closer than it seems.

Right now, heavy burdens make it impossible to thrive.

We helpers, healers, caregivers and good souls – we carry a heroic load of life on our shoulders. We keep the world rolling for those around us.

Though we’re open to the idea of being kinder to ourselves, how and at what point in the day is that actually possible?

Responsibilities, commitments, and real-world demands pile on top of our own issues and, for some, past trauma. We’re then left…

  • Lost in a world of hard edges, loud voices and life’s non-negotiables.
  • Pushing through endless exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm.
  • Spending the last ounce of precious life energy ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of others.
  • Feeling disheartened because what we want and what we actually do are worlds apart.
  • Disconnected from our innate creativity and spirit of play and adventure.
  • Knowing that self-care could help, but quietly judging ourselves for feeling “selfish” in wanting it.

Oh, wonderful human. I see you.

I also know that, like me, you’re a fighter.

Maybe you’ve already intuited that there is no life magic when your physical body is in knots, nor when servanthood saps your vitality. (You’re right!)

Maybe in spite of your wounds and all that life has thrown at you, there’s a deep-down voice inside that IS your inner wisdom. (And, damn it, you want to hear what s/he has to say!)

Maybe after all this time you are ready to break the hell out: OUT of all that crappy conditioning; OUT of spiral thinking that gets you nowhere, OUT of your circumstances, your past, your patterns and your habits – just ready to BREAK. OUT.

Because your wellbeing demands it.
Because joy is worth it.
Because the Truth is: You are never trapped.


A Bit of Free Life Coaching

Here’s an important reflection, offered with utmost care and respect:

Where in your life are you feeling stuck, dear one?

Whatever you just said, that’s where I come in.


I’m Lisa Joy Goodman.

For a long time I confused servanthood for sainthood, and it was destroying me little by little. (Let that sink in a moment.)

I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, but didn’t know how to make the necessary changes.

Today, I know that so many of us live in an endless fight/flight/freeze/appease loop, just as I was in then.

That’s why I developed a life coaching practice that combines the best of brain science, mind-body healing tools and a deep experience of felt safety to guide people into their own thriving life.

Click here to learn more about me.

Life coaching works.

Most of us live most of our lives in a state of nervous system overload. 

In that place, it is impossible to do anything except react and remain in survival mode. You’re a mammal, that’s just how it works. 


The secret is to create safety in your nervous system that wasn’t there before.

Maybe even a level of felt safety you’ve never had before.

From there, amazing things unfold. 

Because your body – freed from panicked alarm bells that alter your chemical, physical, emotional and energetic makeup – actually knows what you need.

Your body knows how to find comfort and orient you toward what truly lights you up.

Together in life coaching, we embark on a journey first by creating safety in your body and then learning to tune into your own inner knowing. It’s a profound, miraculous and stunning transformation.

Painful experiences become more bearable and suddenly you know yourself as a deeply-lovable, marvelous human who can not only endure – but one who will survive, thrive, evolve and ACTUALLY enjoy life… no matter what.

I know these tools and practices work because I have clients who:

  • moved through debilitating physical pain, fear, isolation and impossible family circumstances into a brand-new life of freedom, adventure and exploration.
  • overcame historically-paralyzing anxiety to get on a plane and show up for a loved one at a crucial moment. (Because sometimes life only gives you one chance to show up.)
  • completely revitalized an existing business and coaching practice after feeling stagnant, overwhelmed and saddled by grief, loss and self doubt.

No longer limited by their circumstances, no longer frozen in anxiety, pain, or self-induced servitude, they emerge into a life shaped by wellness, prosperity and joy.

With a newfound respect for their precious body, mind and spirit they skillfully lean into their whole selves as a sanctuary.

They rely on their own inner wisdom for guidance and restore their natural confidence, moving swiftly forward.

I know it can happen because I’ve seen it, and I’ve walked that path myself.

A thriving, joyful life is waiting for you too, Lovely.

I’m ready. Let’s do this!

An Important Distinction

If you’re new to coaching, let me be clear: this is not therapy.

Life coaching works spectacularly well; however, in cases of serious mental health issues, you must be seeing a licensed mental health care professional first. I will work with you and them in tandem on a case-by-case basis. Coaching doesn’t take the place of licensed mental health care.

That’s because, in part, coaching isn’t about why something is not working. Rather, it’s about how we can shift our mindset, feelings and actions to create something that will work. It has an entirely different aim.

In coaching, we don’t dig up old trauma or baggage. Instead, we respect their presence and what they taught us. We give our past its due while prioritizing what’s happening NOW and what you need RIGHT NOW.

  • We target the places that anxiety, anger, frustration or circumstance have you totally stuck – RIGHT NOW.
  • We explore, identify and reinforce specific changes that will have you enjoying life and your family, feeling relaxed and fulfilled – RIGHT NOW.
  • We orient you back to self-trust and your own inner compass – guess when – RIGHT NOW.

… so that, in the future, when life inevitably throws its next hurdle your way, you’ll know how to quickly align yourself back to a place of calm and ease.

I’m here for you, and for the thriving magic we’ll create in your everyday life. 

If you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, you can step away from the relentless drive to give/do/succeed at all costs.

I invite you to make a different choice.

I can’t wait to see how you light up, emanating a natural joy into the world that’s fed by the ease, peace and abundance in your own life. 

When you’re ready, let’s do this. 


Instant Support Products

Immediate support for specific moments, plus a low-cost experience of what it’s like to work with me.

  • Audio meditations provide on-the-go support for times we can’t be together.
  • My signature grounding process steadies your nervous system before walking into any stressful situation.
  • Handmade gemstone and lava bead chakra bracelets fortify your energy and anchor your healing.
  • A library of calming photography to support your professional practice or visual meditations.

These products create positive, calming and relaxed energy no matter what you’re facing.


Support Products


Single Coaching Sessions

Best for those who are familiar with coaching tools or want a deeper understanding of how coaching can help them.

  • In a single session, we’ll identify and prioritize specific areas of possibility in your life.
  • We will craft a plan to tackle what’s not working so you can instead shift your energy toward what will work.
  • Learn basic mindfulness tools and tap into your inner guidance so you can take steps towards creating the kind of life you want.


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Transformation Packages

Recommended for those in need of structure, accountability and ongoing support or times of life change such as loss, divorce, career or family evolution.

  • 4 Sessions: Gain clarity around a specific issue or topic and how you can shift it. Self-coaching tools increase your confidence and intuition, and create more calm.
  • 3 Months (9 sessions): In a season of support, cover several interconnected issues or a deeply-rooted challenge. Ongoing touchpoints, safety and accountability help you make positive changes.
  • 6 Months (18 sessions): Chart a new course into a thriving new life with consistent safe space to calm your nervous system as you make powerful changes. Navigate a new chapter while maintaining self-care and sanity!


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