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Immediate support for life’s specific moments

Plus a low-cost experience of what it’s like to work with me. These products create positive, calming, and relaxed energy no matter what you’re facing.

Calm Your Nervous System (Audio Offer) $29

Audio grounding practice provides on-the-go support for times we can’t be together.

Welcome to your new secret weapon for creating calm in your nervous system! 

This practice is a simple, effective way to put yourself back in the driver’s seat when you are facing one of life’s challenges, you’re feeling anxiety and uncertainty or your brain is creating negative thought patterns. 

The more you use this practice and tailor it to your personal needs, the more benefit you’ll receive and the sooner you will be able to create calm. At times, it feels like magic. I wish I would have known about this practice years ago.

Perfect for…

My clients have used this before medical procedures, dental visits, difficult conversations, work meetings, and during travel. The possibilities and needs for creating calm in your nervous system these days are endless, especially the last couple of years.

Once you learn this practice, you can use it when facing any circumstances that may feel stressful, anxiety-provoking, or triggering. While I recommend you learn and practice this seated, (with your feet on the floor) in a quiet space, you can later adapt it, (or parts of it) to use “on the fly.”

You can follow the audio prompts each time or learn it yourself and use it as often as you like. It’s a simple practice where you are using your mind to help inform your body and your nervous system that you are safe. It’s easy to follow along and you can’t really do it wrong.

It’s based on the scientific research and teachings of Dr. John Sarno, along with several teachings from mastermind coach trainings I’ve completed, (including Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coaching, Abigail Morgan’s Mind Body Magic Life Coach Training and more). I’ve combined scientific research, personal life experiences and navigating my own life trauma, with pieces of their tools and practices. I consider this the gift that keeps on giving.

I’d love to know how it works for you.


~ Lisa Joy

Note: When first using the audio, it’s important that you are in a quiet, safe space so you can relax and close your eyes. As stated, it’s best done initially, seated with your feet touching the floor. I have also done this in my parked car just before heading into a doctor’s appointment as a preventative measure. It works wonders.


The Chakra Bracelet $49

Handmade gemstone and lava bead chakra bracelets fortify your energy and anchor your healing.

Create calm in your nervous system with beauty and style. 

These chakra bracelets are handmade with genuine gemstone beads from around the world. They are carefully selected and individually strung on a high-quality stretch cord along with natural lava beads. You can use essential oil on the lava beads to help calm and support your nervous system.

They are visually beautiful with all the colors of the rainbow represented in the gemstones. A symbol of pride as well. The lava beads surround the natural gems on either side. Wearing these gemstones on your wrist is said to help balance your chakras, promote a positive flow of energy, and can improve your overall well-being.

Additionally, each bracelet is infused with a Reiki blessing by yours truly to enhance the flow of positive energy.

The seven distinct gemstones are garnet, carnelian, citrine, ocean jasper, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and amethyst. They coordinate with your chakra energy centers. As mentioned, the lava beads can be used with essential oil to increase the calming and grounding effects. 

Some of the gemstone’s numerous metaphysical properties include:

  • Encourages tranquility.
  • Balance.
  • Stability. 
  • Protection. 
  • Energy flow.
  • Community.
  • Calm.
  • Concentration
  • Intuition and 
  • Inspiration.

The metaphysical properties of the lava beads are: 

  • Grounding and strengthening your connection to Mother Earth.
  • Emotional strength and courage.
  • Allowing you stability in times of change.
  • Calming effects.
  • Promotes positive behavioral changes.

You care for so many others, why not care for yourself with this beautiful talisman?! 

These also make thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones.

With much LOVE and Gratitude,

~ Lisa Joy


The Way I See It – Seasonal Photo Collection $125

A library of calming photography to support your professional practice or visual meditations.

Specially Curated, Limited Edition Photo Collection (Summer 2022) 😊🥰🤩

Here’s a library of beautiful and calming photography to support your professional practice or use with visual meditations for grounding and calming your nervous system. These photographs can create positive, calming, and relaxed energy no matter what you’re facing.

Perfect for…

The collections are specially curated for coaches, wellness, and helping professionals to incorporate into your social media and newsletter or blog posts. *Pricing does not include website or advertising usage, however, if interested, please inquire). The collection will be seasonal so each quarter a new collection will be added.

These images can also be used privately by individuals for grounding, calming, and resourcing your nervous system, mindfulness practices, meditation, or personal use on the go.

This is the premier collection so I’m adding a special bonus of 3 add’l images, (for a total of 9, for the price of 6) as a thank you for giving this a try in your practice. 😊

My photography has sold in over fifty countries and been seen in publications, such as “O”, The Oprah Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo Entertainment, Web M.D., and Discovery Education, just to name a few.

Although my stock photography is represented by Getty Images, (one of the top five premium stock photo agencies in the world), these are limited edition collections curated separately for you, my clients (unlike mass-marketed and mass-distributed stock photography, which often looks generic and is seen everywhere).

They are super easy to download so you can get started right away *including them in your social media marketing, newsletter, or blog posts!

Those wanting them for personal use, can download and keep them on their mobile device or upload them to your tablet or laptop for use anytime in your mindfulness practices and on the go.

You deserve to treat yourself to some beauty and ease.


💖🙏🏼😊 ~ Lisa Joy


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